What is Kali?

KALI - Is the Martial Arts from the Philippines. The word “Kali” is a combination of two other Filipino words. “Ka” comes from the root-word “Kamot”, which means “Hand”, and “Li” comes from the root-word “Lihok” which means “Motion”.

ShinKali trains in the Martial Art of Kali. Offensive/counter-offensive methodology which allows the practitioner to move more dynamically than a "defensive" mentality. With this mindset, practitioners are able to overtake an opponent much more effectively.

Our Purpose

To provide practitioners in Japan and Japanese practitioners who study Filipino martial arts with knowledge in not only the theory and techniques of Kali, but also deepen their understanding of historical and scientific aspects. It is hoped that this will contribute to the global development of the traditional culture and foster good will through Kali.

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